Discount Plan Membership in Harrisburg, PA

No insurance? No worries

Don't have dental insurance? Harrisburg Dental Health Associates offers an affordable Dental Plan that will help you to SAVE $175.00 per year and also give you 25% OFF dental work you may have been delaying for years. See all of the dental services our memberships include:

Dental Discount Plan

Annual Fee per member $249.00
-(2) Cleanings
-(2) Exams (Periodic)
-(1) set annual Bitewing x-rays, plus all other required x- rays
-(2) Fluoride treatments
-(1) Full mouth series x-rays (every 3 years)
SAVINGS - above services without this plan would cost at least $424.00
25% Off all remaining dental work
Each additional family member $199.00 (to age 26).
Periodontal Maintenance program $395.00
(all of the above membership benefits with 3 periodontal cleanings a year instead of 2 regular cleanings)